Lauren set up The Waxologist Salon in Manchester in 2013. At that time there weren't many specialist waxing services or salons around and she wanted to offer an expert service for what can be a service dreaded by clients who've previously endured harrowing experiences of intimate waxing or poor body waxing. What began as a tiny one room salon with just Lauren has slowly grown into a Large salon, open seven days a week with a team of 7 wax specialists. 

From the off, Lauren enjoyed using premium products in her waxing services. Trailing every wax brand available from UK and beyond. Many of them were brilliant, but not all year round. After proclaiming she'd found 'THE ONE' and living it for a few months, problems would then arise.

Lauren realised when the seasons changed. Further trails of other brands would be done, an alternative found, only for it to let her down a few months down the line.

Frustrated, Lauren began working with a manufacturer and chemist in 2015 on a wax for the salon. 

Developing a deeper understanding of the ingredients in different wax, their characteristics and how each one changes their behaviour was key to her decision that ONE wax would never work all year round because ALL wax is affected by changes in the weather. 

We then set about developing two waxes, with ingredients that would blend perfectly together. Mixing at different ratio's depending on the season. This process took years because we would work with each prototype and each blend for a few months, gathering data from real time experience in the salon throughout the seasons. We'd then re-tweak and re-test. Our final tweak came towards the end of 2022. 

Selling this wax was never in our plan, which meant we never rushed this process. For years our clients that are beauty therapists and waxers have asked where to buy the wax we use and we've said sorry, its our own wax, developed for us... but now we want to share

We're really proud of BlendIt, not only is it a wax made by a waxer but it has been tested by seven team members who have all given their feedback, we love it, we hope you do too!